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My name is Christiano, I’m a native guide borned at Amazon Region at Juma área about 100 Km south away from the city of Manaus, my first job it was in a jungle Lodge as a Cook,, place that i got experience...Read more - Gallery



Juma Camp House

Located near Lake Juma, 90 kilometers from Manaus:

We leave Manaus using 4 types of transportation: a car or van to the port of  Ceasa, after we take a jet boat with the capacity of 30 persons for 40 minutes, during which we will stop to for 10 to 15 minutes to see the famous “Meeting of the Waters” between the Nergo and Solimões Rivers. We then continue our trip to Careiro da Varzea, where we change to a van with capacity of 8 persons...

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