About Us


My name is Eduardo, I’m a native guide borned at Amazon Region at Maraã área about 600 Km south away from the city of Manaus, my first job it was in a jungle Lodge as a Cook,, place that i got experience and knowledgement about tourism operation, and place that i have learned english, so after 5 years i decided to be a Tour Guide. Amazon Backpackers Tours from Manaus gave me the opportunity to develop my knowledgement as guide and i worked with them for 3 years, i met many people from many countries in the world that really recommend me as na excelent guide for adventure trips betwen 2 and 20 days. There for, today i have my own business running in Manaus the Office, and our own small jungle lodge where we develop our opertation of jungle tours, survival trips, fishing trips and adventure.

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