Anaconda - 6 days and5 nights

On this tour we take you far into deep rain forest down the Juma reserve.

After pick up at your hotel or at the airport we take you to Ceasa port.

We will cross the Amazon passing the Meeting of the Waters in a speed boat.

To get to the other site a van will drive you to the Macerico River and further on with a motorized canoe.

The first 3 days we stay in a lodge, you can have your own room or sleep in a hammock.

We will canoe in swamp land observing pink and grey river dolphins, monkeys, sloths, spot alligators, and we will take a hike in the primary rain forest.
In the early morning we will observe birds.

The last 3 days we will stay in a jungle camp where you get an deeper impression of the Amazon Rain Forest.

More hiking will give you a chance to see snakes, spiders, poison dark frogs, and night rodents such as: agouti, paca, armadillo, wild hog, and deer.

We will visit a native family and learn how they live from planting mandiok and tropical fruits in an indigenous community.

The package can be arranged to fit your personal desires.