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Juma Camp House


Located near Lake Juma, 90 kilometers from Manaus:

We leave Manaus using 4 types of transportation: a car or van to the port of  Ceasa, after we take a jet boat with the capacity of 30 persons for 40 minutes, during which we will stop to for 10 to 15 minutes to see the famous “Meeting of the Waters” between the Nergo and Solimões Rivers. We then continue our trip to Careiro da Varzea, where we change to a van with capacity of 8 persons  travelling along the BR319 highway; about 60 kilometers, with duration approximately 45 minutes to one hour, therafter taking a boat with a 60 HP engine, this takes about 30 minutes when the river is high and about 45 minutes when the river is low.

After this journey full of adventure full of adventure and direct contact with nature, we arrive to a tour jungle lodge which is situated near Lake Juma surrounded by trees and native plants of our Amazon jungle.

Jungle Lodge and accommodation: Lodge with capacity of 30 persons. Accommodations are with private rooms and dormitories, also available are accommodations in hammocks all with protection against mosquitoes.

We serve breakfast lunch and dinner, all which are included in the package.

ATTENTION: Alcoholic beverages  are not included in your package.

Come and enjoy the best of nature in the Amazon with incredible, comfort and security in the largest jungle in the world.