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Fishing Tucunarés in the exuberant rivers of the Amazon - Fantastic adventure

The sport fishing of Tucunaré is today one of the most sought after in the world. That's why we at Amazon Christian Tours with experienced Staff for more than 30 years in the Amazon Basin, throughout which it has continuously evolved, in order to provide our customers with access to the most exotic rivers for sport fishing, as well as an excellent level of service in its accommodations, logistics, comfort and safety.

Tucunaré Peak Cock Bass (friend of the tree) is certainly one of the most aggressive fish to be fished in the world, it is a wild species and acrobat that attacks aggressively in the artificial baits like surface baits, water socks, jigs, flies and many others, offering an unparalleled experience for the fisherman, both in size and weight as well as in fish numbers. It is very common for a fisherman to catch and release 20-30 tucunarés per day, in addition to other species such as bicuda, dogfish, aruanã and other species.

 Our company has been fishing for tucunaré for more than 20 years, having been fishing with adventure in several Amazonian rivers from Brazil to Colombia and Peru, working with the riverside and native communities of our region, giving the native with awareness of the preservation of the environment, Amazon Christian Tours in conjunction with local communities and authorities, helps and contributes to the strengthening of the preservation of the environment within various neighboring locations. These fishing agreements potentially limit the damage of commercial, survival and sport fishing and provide enormous benefits to the river and to native communities because we preserve our land, our rivers and animals in their natural habitat. Do not waste time on overfished waters.

Fish in preserved rivers.

Fishing in aluminum boat, capacity for 2 people, eletric motor, and 15HP out board engine.

Packages to Rio Uatumã, Rio Juma, Rio Mamori, Rio Uraricoera, Rio Urubo etc.

Our chalets are air conditioned with private bathroom and hot shower, furniture, and rustic structure typical of the region, but with a lot of cleanliness and hygiene.