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This package was designed for people who want real rough adventure and can survive in the deep jungle. This trip is concentrated at juma reserve and begins like the other tours, from your hotel in Manaus or from the airport at 08:00 AM, and goes to the port of Ceasa - this is being done by car or van. Then crossing to the other side, along the way you will be able to see the magnificent "meeting of the waters", upon arrival at the port of Careiro, there you will be transported by van or car (depending on the number of people) along the BR 319- this takes approximately 40 minutes. Then arriving at the community of Araça, where you will be transported by speed boat to juma base camp. 


After lunch you will gather your materials (boat, hammocks, fishing and hunting equipment etc.) and head straight into the jungle where you will build your camp. Here is where you will learn to hunt for your meals and experience the real Amazonian life. On this trip you will be able to do the following activities: sunrise tour bird watching, paddling in the deep forest, spear fishing, night hunting, sleeping in trees, learning to set traps (for wild animals), staying with it Moras indigenous tribe (2 days) and deep jungle trekking.



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